Plus Baseball offers high quality instruction and training for those who are ready to engage in player development that focuses on the whole athlete. Training sessions are not strictly pitching lessons, but opportunities for player development. Plus Baseball’s Player Development philosophy combines elite training to develop athleticism and skill with the mental and psychological aspects of the game in order to become a highly performing player.

Plus Baseball approaches player development from a holistic perspective; beginning with a player history evaluation, a focus on solid fundamentals, sound mechanics, arm care, strength and agility training, flexibility, nutrition, motivation, discipline, confidence, leadership and competitiveness. Plus Baseball uses a hands on approach to mechanics and uses video and photo analysis to enhance instruction.

Northern Virginia

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Training Sessions focus on:

Fundamentals and Mechanics for PitchingSessions will focus on establishing and solidifying proper throwing fundamentals. Instructor will break down pitching mechanics and focus on areas to adjust in order to improve command, control and velocity.

Bullpen SessionsProvide the pitcher an opportunity to reflect, regroup and focus. Bullpen sessions allow the player to throw with purpose and get the “feel” for each pitch.

Arm CareArm strength and conditioning.  Plus Baseball offers In and out of season arm care training, incorporating distance or Long Toss Training and throwing programs.

Strength Training and Agility Training Training and player development emphasizes speed, explosive power, agility, and strength. In and off season programs are utilized.

FlexibilityFlexibility training is key to preventing injuries and improving performance. Range of Motion is especially critical for the arm health.


Elite pitching instruction sessions focus on the aspects of player and pitcher development.

Key areas of training include:

Developing the pitch ( fastball, curveball, slider, changeup, splitter)

Command of the pitch (throwing quality strikes)

Control of the pitch ( efficacy in the strike zone )

Pitchability (sequencing and mental game )

Arm action  – (Focus on the Importance of arm slot and repeatability)


It is also Plus Baseball’s understanding that a player may be involved with various teams, such as Little League and Travel clubs, and throwing multiple days throughout the week. The key to a successful year is progressing through the seasons by improving yet staying healthy.

The initial session and completion of the player history evaluation will aide in the development of an individualized approach to training and lessons


Plus Baseball’s “Meet the Player Where They are At”

It is the belief in approaching player development holistically that Plus Baseball will meet the player where they are at any given training session. A session may call for a Bullpen, or arm care and flexibility. The player and parents will work with Coach Arguello to identify the players goals and needs based on the players game time prior to the session and coming up.

We Feature:

Video analysis and mechanics breakdown

Implementation of individualized throwing programs

In-season and Off-season training

Clinics, camps and team training available

Contact to schedule a training session with instructor Doug Arguello.

Or call 703-473-4398


Initial Evaluation and Individual Sessions

$50.00 – 30 minutes, one-on-one

$100.00 – 60 minutes, one-on-one


Pairs, small group, and team rates available.

Scheduling is available 4-9pm on weekdays and 9-5pm on weekends.